Three Big Reasons Why You Should Have Brew Logger:


Brew Better

Brew Logger features customized data fields for every step of the brewing process.

Look Good

Attractive design, quality craftsmanship, durable materials. Who says brains and beauty can't coexist in one package?

Be the Hero

Brew Logger is the perfect item to bring to a brew session. Before you know it, your pals will be toasting you for your brilliance.

Home Brew Notebooks


Useful Notebooks for Homebrewers

Brew Logger is a basic, sturdy, recipe book for brew day.

How many times have you looked back through your brew day notes, only to find that you forgot to record something important about your brew process?

We’ve all been there. Brew Logger helps by providing specific tables to help you record every aspect of your home brew process. From grains and hops to mash details and fermentation graphs, this handy book is meant to be a rugged brew day companion that allows you to focus on your brewing.

It includes tables for all of your recipe information, which makes recording your data simple. It’s the home brew notebook that helps you accurately record your recipes so they can be replicated time and time again. They are built to be sturdy, useful, handy and cheap. Made right here in Milwaukee, USA. There’s not an app for that!

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